Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to Us

As an online consumer, you are entitled to your personal privacy. With that in mind, Shipkee, Inc. has adopted a statement that explains and confirms our commitment to provide you with a variety of online shipping services while maintaining your personal privacy. Please note that this statement is subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Every effort will be made to keep it updated to reflect our current policies.

We understand you might be a bit cautious about sharing your information with us. After all, securing your privacy is of the utmost concern for us as well. To help solidify your confidence, we’ve prepared this policy to explain how we gather, use and disclose personal information.

What qualifies as personal information?
This is information that can verify your identity. It can include such things as: Your name, address, login information, page view statistics, how often you frequent our site and your personal website preferences.Please Note: We will never see your financial information. Your online payment details go straight to a secure and independent payment facility.
How do we obtain your personal information?
In most cases we obtain your personal information when you take a particular action such as booking a shipment or signup for additional services. Additionally, we occasionally employ the use of “cookies” (small files placed on the hard drive of your computer) and “web beacons” (electronic images placed in the web page code) within certain pages of our site. Cookies take two forms: “session cookies” that will automatically delete upon closing your browser and “permanent cookies” that stay there until you manually delete them. We use cookies to assist in the analyzation of web page flow, further customize our service, help in advertising and providing of content and to create a secure web environment.
If desired, you can alter your settings to block out our cookies from entering your browser, however this could result in you losing access to certain Shipkee services.
We also sometimes collect personal information from sources other than your browser, an example of this could be when our business partners inform us of an issue with a package or a confirmation of shipment.
So what’s the point of us doing this?
Simply put, to provide you with the best and most easy-to-use service possible.
Access to your personal information allows us to quickly notify you if we encounter any issues with your shipments, answer your questions in a fast and convenient manner and better understand the needs and wants of our small business customer base.
In addition, the collection of personal information is required in order to meet the requirements of certain laws.
You’re not going to market (sell, trade or rent) my personal information are you?
Absolutely not. Our collection of your information is to serve the singular purpose of helping us give you the best service possible - and that’s it.
We do like to send our customers special offers and information though, and to do so we might use your personal information. But that is completely under your discretion as well. If you don’t wish to receive these offers you can easily opt out whenever you’d like by telling us directly or clicking the unsubscribe link on any emails we send you.
Are there any other reasons you’d disclose personal information? And if so, to who?
We do occasionally share information with related parties that provide us with administrative or other services. Such disclosure is entirely confidential, meaning that even if we have to share information with someone who buys our company, they must comply with the restrictive requirements of our current disclosure policy.
In other situations, your personal information may be disclosed upon your given consent or if the law requires disclosure.
I really don’t want to share my personal information though…
No problem. You’ll still have access to Shipkee’s site, but you’ll be missing out on some of the great benefits it offers and you’ll lose the ability to conveniently book shipping through it.
What about the security of my personal information?
Your information is held in both electronic and hardcopy forms in secure, state-of-the-art databases that only authorized staff can access. All reasonable measures are applied to ensure your information is shielded against loss, misuse, unauthorized access and inappropriate disclosure.
Note: Shipkee’s site may provide links to other websites. How customer content or use of personal information is handled on other sites is out of our control and these sites may apply a different set of standards with regards to their obligations towards their customers’ privacy rights.
Can I access or make changes to my personal information? Yes.
It’s your personal information and you have a right to it. Just let us know if you’d like access to your information and we’ll be happy to provide it. While we make every effort to accommodate our customers, there may be occasions when we’re unable to delete or alter the information you’ve provided. Additionally, while most of the time we will be able to provide you with a free-of-charge summary of your information (you name, contact details…etc.), allowing access to certain personal information that involves some additional work to retrieve and supply might include a small fee.
We would like to hear from you if you have any questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or use of your information.
Please contact us at
We will investigate and respond to your inquiry. Your inquiry will be treated confidentially and will be protected under the Privacy Act.
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